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Project code name: DarkstarThe definitive "Dark Saber" CNC machined from Aerospace materials.  Highly detailed 3 dimensional machined/ engraved to recreate this saber to every small detail. We are working on an epic reveal, and methods of construction that push the boundries of anything we have ever done before  Designed to utilize the latest and greatest soundboard/powercells/ illumination available.   The NerfworXlab Creators are excited to bring this new creation to life, the process' are painstaking, and demand all the tools in our collective arsenal.  We appreciate all your support, and will do our utmost to complete this production in a timely manner, please consider that each part is a work of art and deserves all the focus and attenion we can provide.   We are working on the blade which will be sold separately.  Pre Orders are non-refundable.  If you need to make payment arrangements, please contact via email.   We will show progress like we always do throughout production.   Thank you for your consideration.


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    All preorders are nonrefundable.