Brass Variant-  

This is for the PRE ORDER Chassis Only.  Made from Superalloys, these chassis parts require some of the worlds most advanced custom tooling/ and technical approach to create artwork of this caliber on a micro scale.   These chassis can be used on many other sabers with some simple adaptation, and are not limited to just the Corran Horn Elite.  They include a secondary internal chassis made from Delrin to hold a myriad of soundboards( we typically use the Plecter Labs Crystal Focus), has a hinged speaker holder to access recharge port/ micro SD card. 

This chassis is comprised of over several dozen individual parts, which fit together with the precision of a swiss timepeice. 

Chassis will come with 3 custom synthetic crystals.  Secures to hilt using one large hidden faster, all fasteners are included to assemble chassis.  Not only is this chassis a smaller form factor, it will fit inside almost any saber. 



1.13 inches in diameter

4.59 inches in length( Just the chassis) 

Setup for a 20mm speaker


*Pre Orders are none refundable. 

Corran Horn Elite Brass Chassis (Brass, Titanium,and Synthetic Crystals)

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