** ALL BLADES FOR THE DARKSTAR SABER WILL SHIP SEPERATELY, due to the size and shape this is why we added the blade to the website after PreOrders opened for the saber as a stand alone item.  



Precision CNC Machined from the same Polycarboate used to make bulletproof glass, and designed  to match the Darkstar Saber perfectly.  This blade is designed to incorporate a custom neo pixel socket that is proprietary to the NerfworXlab Darkstar, SK6812 144's fit, back to back two strips

Blades will come with Decals  to make your Darksaber blade black, and illuminate just like it jumped off the screen.


For run participants your blade can be added to your preorder manually, or you can check out on the site and your balance will be adjusted accordingly.  Thank you for all your support, we are excited to share the most epic darksaber in the industry with you.  


**  NOTE:  all blades will ship seperately, there may be additonal shipping invoiced to you depending on where you are located globally, or if you ordered all at once.  This is a limited edtion forum DIY run, and is not part of a regular offering.  Thanks


Blade of the Darkstar

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